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Teach For America Finalist and 2-time Goodie Nation Hackathon Winner

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About Teach X

BRS helps Teach X connect experts to classrooms that solves real world problems and creates safespaces..

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With the click of a button, teachers get help grading papers, planning field trips, developing projects and creating positive classroom environments.

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Partner more efficiently...

We build a mobile app that streamline partnerships with professionals and teachers that increases the success of your students.


Save Countless Hours

Spend your time focusing what matters most. Teaching.


Transform student learning experience

Watch as the learning experience for students becomes more practical and engaging. Provide students with real world takeaways, mentors, speakers and an interactive approach to learning the skills that will help them excel in the real world.


Manage Partners in one location.

Manage your credits, teachers, and partners in one central location.


How It Works...

TeachX App is a powerful tool that helps professionals connect directly to classroom in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Add Credits for your school.

Add credits so that your teachers can get the help they need.

Step 2: Add teachers.

Schools can add the teachers to use credits.

Step 3: Share with teachers.

Share with teachers and reduce time and gain retention.

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Helper's AR Training App

We enhance the training experience for helpers by embedded videos in worksheets using image recognition.

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